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Cancer- Clinician Resources

In this continuation from World Cancer Day, I have listed the resources for health care professionals who manage patients with cancer.

1. Cancer Australia Guidelines:

There are many different guidelines and this website groups them according to the clinician (e.g.GPs etc), and it is worth noting what these are as they will aid in both diagnosing and ongoing care for patients. In the Cancer Australia website there are other resources including risk assessment tools, information in other languages and links to support organisations for patients.

2. Cancer Council guidelines:

Further guidelines from the Cancer Council are grouped into topics from skin cancer to hepatocellular carcinoma. There are links on the website for screening guidelines aimed at GPs as well as online learning (this links to the Cancer Australia website).

In addition to the online learning from Cancer Australia the other learning platform that features cancer specific learning modules include the RACGP learning platform (accessable only to members) and ThinkGP which is free (

Disclaimer: This article features the official logo for World Cancer Day and was used according to their protocols from their website to promote the event only, it is copywrited by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). I do not own it or claim any part of its creation.


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