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Cancer- Patient Resources

Continuing with the theme of cancer after World Cancer Day 2023, I have compiled a list of excellent resources for patients that clinicians can refer to. I have highlighted mainly Australia specific websites but few are overseas organisations that are worth bookmarking. It is worth noting that the Cancer Council have a dedicated phone number that can direct patients to local support groups, more details are on their website: .

General Information

1. World Cancer Day

Information on the yearly World Cancer Day (4th February) and resources for patients, organisers and healthcare professionals.

2. The Cancer Atlas

The Cancer Atlas is an interesting website with the history of cancer (summarised), risk factors and disease burden. It is very nicely presented and easy to read.

3. Global Cancer Observatory

The International Agency for Cancer Research (IACR) works with the World Health Organisation to study cancers all around the world and have produced an interactive website to see the statistics of cancers around the globe (e.g. causes and survival over time).

4. Cancer today

Another website from the IACR with information on the global cancer burden. This website shows graphs and charts with the cancer burden in populations as well as cancer factsheets and specific cancer burden in different countries.

5. World Cancer Research Fund

A research organisation that looks at the impact of diet, weight and physical activity on cancers. There are factsheets and summaries on the latest research they have funded. The factsheets are particularly helpful as these tackle specific topics that can be used to counsel patients.

6. (American Website)

Eventhough this is an American website there is good information about the different cancers although treatments vary between countries. In particular the survivorship section is very thorough and has resources for patients.

7. National Cancer Control Indicators

This is an Australian cancer data website with information on types of cancer, screening, prevention and treatment.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

1. Our Mob and Cancer

This was developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to provide information on cancer and where to seek help. There is information on Sorry Business, printable handouts and handbooks for health practitioners.

2. Yarn for Life

This website provides assistance to start a conversation about cancer and has videos of stories and printable handouts.

Specific Cancer Organisations

1. Head and Neck Cancer Australia

There is information on the types of cancer, diagnosis and treatments available.

2. McGrath Foundation

They fund breast cancer nurses who provide support to people with breast cancer, this is free and a doctor's referral is not needed.

3. Breast Cancer Network Australia

There is information about the types of breast cancers and treatments available which patients can use. They also have a free helpline which patients and their families can access, a podcast series, webinars and a magazine. In addition, they have created an app called My Journey which has specifically tailored information for the patient.

4. Ovarian Cancer Australia

This organisation offers information in the form of online stories, downloadable toolkits including one on resilience after being diagnosed and a helpline.

5. Prostate Cancer of Australia

There is information on prostate cancer for patients and details on where they can seek help including a helpline. Resources for patients includes information leaflets, a newsletter and access to counselling.

6. Leukaemia Foundation

Support for patients with leukaemia includes information, including specific articles on the COVID-19 vaccines.

7. Myeloma Australia

They are a not-for-profit organisation that provides patients with information, local events they can attend, helpline and printable leaflets.

8. Pankind

The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation offers patients and their carers information about pancreatic cancer and where they can find support groups, attend webinars and an app called ManyHands which is free.

9. National Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap

This website was developed by Cancer Australia and has easy to navigate illustration on the journey of someone diagnosed with pancreatic cancer from early detection and end of life care.

10. Bowel Cancer Australia

Bowel Cancer Australia have excellent resources for both clinicians and patients ranging from lifestyle advice, podcast series (Bottom Line), survivorship care plan and ways to get involved.

11. The Lung Foundation

The Lung Foundation have extensive resources for patients including webinars, support groups and advice on living with lung disease. Doctors also have access to resources such as COPD action plans which can be given to patients.

12. Rare Cancers Australia

The organisation offers information and support that patients can access as well as access to a helpline.

Disclaimer: This article features the official logo for World Cancer Day and was used according to their protocols from their website to promote the event only, it is copywrited by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). I do not own it or claim any part of its creation.


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