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Learn snippets of microbiology through podcasts

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

1. This Podcast Will Kill You

Episode length: 1-2 hours

Timing: Fortnightly

This detailed podcast explores in detail specific microorganisms that cause disease and often has interesting stories and guest speakers. The hosts keep the podcast flowing through conversations making the information easy to follow. You can also check out their website for more information:

2. This Week in Microbiology

Episode length: 1 hour

Timing: weekly

This podcast explores all things microbiology from the basic (and very detailed!) science as well as the disease they cause.

3. This Week in Virology

Episode length: 1-2 hours

Timing: weekly

Everything related to virus from research to the latest outbreak news is discussed by the podcast host who also hosts This Week in Microbiology podcast.

4. Microbe Talk

Episode length: 15-30 minutes

Timing: weekly

The Microbiology Society was established in 1945 and today offers memberships to academics and microbiology enthusiasts alike. Check out their website:

5. Meet the Microbiologist

Episode length: 1-2 hours

Timing: Monthly

In this podcast the host interviews microbiologists about their work and their experience in infectious disease. If you are interested in a learning a incy wincy bit more than just microbiology this podcast is ideal.

If you would like to add your favourite podcast to this list contact me on

Note: These podcasts are for your learning, the specific tests and treatments recommended in your place of work must be followed for infectious diseases.


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