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Must have shortcuts for GPs: Patient information and action plans

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Patient information websites and handouts are an important component of reinforcing consultations and allowing patients to seek further information from a reliable resource. Most patients are happy to receive a handout and many GP practice softwares have links to common condition leaflets built in making it easy to print out.

For example, my GP practice uses Best Practice which has a specific button for patient education materials from reliable resources such as John Murtagh’s general practice book, Beyond Blue and MIMS Patient Education.

If a specific leaflet cannot be found or if you prefer to use another website, they can be bookmarked to your web browser to allow easy access and printing during a consultation. I have listed a few useful websites and handouts that I use frequently.

For many medical conditions patients require an action plan of management for their condition or to take to school with them. This is especially important in allergies and asthma for children where many schools state this is a requirement. They often also require to be printed in full colour so it can be helpful to keep a few spare copies in your practice for the most common action plans.

Mental Health

Lifestyle and screening

Allergy and immunology




Women’s health

Sexual health


This is not intended to replace any local policies but intended as a learning resource, please check what guidelines are followed in your area of practice. We will update this list over time but if you have any other helpful resource to add to this list please contact the Doctorology team at


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