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Public Health Resources

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started everyone has been talking about the importance of public health measures to minimise the spread of the virus, there are other diseases that we cannot forget about that need to be notified to the public health units. Each state in Australia have their own section about notifiable disease and how to contact the public health teams, I would encourage you to read up about this on the government website.

I have listed helpful resources to learn about communicable diseases and other topics of public health interest, I have specifically left off a few important topics as these will features in separate articles soon.

Communicable Disease Network Australia (CDNA) guidelines

The CDNA have published a series of national guidelines for public health units, and each guideline is focused on a specific disease.

Public Health Association Australia

This organisation runs campaigns to promote public health and also publish the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

World Federation of Public Health Associations

This organisation works with public health associations and groups around the world, they also host an international conference on public health.

World Health Organisation

Please note that your local protocols and policies must be followed and these websites listed are for your learning.


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